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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 


I've changed to a new blog!!!!! new blog address....new....everything!!!!see ya at my new blog!!! ;)

Jojojoanna is just simply gorgeous 4:59 PM

Friday, May 19, 2006 


somethings still remains the same...i guess..no matter how hard i try...things will nv be the same again..but it's okie.i know i've done my best..did all tt i cld do...i'll move on.Thank u Lord,for those wonderful memories.I've grown up. :)

i haven been updating abt my biz..let's just say..it's been having mood swings...and i'm getting frustrated.i pray...i wun leave God...i pray..i wun grumble...i pray...i wun be disappointed in God...and i pray...tt it'll end soon.

yup..i'm thinking of getting a job...so at least i have some income to spend...but yet..i do not wanna make a hasty decision..so..i'm praying and seeking God for the right decisions.studying is definitely out of the Question.It sucks being a POOR student.i'm NV gonna go thru tt again.haha...so...shld i find a job..i'm thinking of becoming a real estate agent..wat say u?haha..
or...i'll try and find something in relation to wat i've studied.

oh well...God's in total control.everything works out good for those who Love him.I pray..i'll press on!

Jojojoanna is just simply gorgeous 6:33 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2006 


yes!i'm going KL sertapak for a mission trip nxt friday till sunday...wow...busy week nxt week!i'm looking forward to everything!!haha

decor team...are u ready to help me??

met up with the mission trip members...well...there's only 4 of us now.i pray tt the Lord will bring in another female..if not,i dunno if i'll be allowed to go.It's been so happening for everyone involved.and God seems to be teaching us Faith.we're all going thru situations which challenges our Faith.It's amazing..but i believe tt we'll all pull thru and i really thank God for his Faithfulness!

Pls pray for patience for me ok??there's a certain team member tt brags and talks too much.haha..it gets on my nerve.so i pray tt it'll not break the unity and tt i can just accept this person for who he/she is.I pray tt we'll be able to bless the pple.wish u guys cld join us..well...there's always another time yeah? I'm looking forward to tt...and the nxt event after the Mission trip!EXXCITING!!

Jojojoanna is just simply gorgeous 3:47 PM

Saturday, May 13, 2006 

have u said ur prayer?

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my weekends.
Although weekends or weekdays it makes no difference,
i still thank you for it nevertheless.
Sales hasn't been good this whole week and it is getting very frustrating
At times,i just feel like giving up o Lord.
I pray tt u continue to STRENGTHEN me,
Help me to Press On
Continue to TRUST in You,
And to remain cheerful despite the circumstances.

Lord,i thank you for my wonderful frens also..
I thank you for giving frens who're so forgiving,understanding and caring.
Bless the pple who love me
Who've been so patient with me
Who've been so encouraging
Who've been visiting my shop
Who've been praying for me
Who've been treating me
Who've been my fren
I just pray tt u bless em 2times as much as you bless me.
Thk u for all these frens,words just can't express how much i love em all.
So lord,i pray tt u watch over em too!

I thk you for all tt u've done for me,
Help me not to take your blessings for granted.
Protect me from the evil ones when i'm in my shop
and continue to Pull me up.

In Jesus Name,

Have u said a prayer to God today???i just can't tell u how much better i feel now.after a depressing week.

and i'm so glad tt my unresolved conflicts with 3 of my dearest frens...has more or less...been resolved!!Thank you God for Love...Ur love tt has been the foundation of tt friendship!well...my frens...i just wanted u to know,tt no matter how far,how distant we all are...u're deeply remembered,always in my thoughts and prayers and i love u all LOADS!!!

Jojojoanna is just simply gorgeous 3:32 PM

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 


one week ago..my com fell sick and die...

4days ago,i fell sick!!argh!!and i'm still sick..the most irritating part is i'm like abit sick...yet not too sick not to get out of bed...so wat happened?i went to work the past 3 days,and slept there when there weren't customers....with my neighbours looking after my stall.den today,i decided it was enuff days fqalling sick..so i took the day off and got my neighbour to open the shop for me.thank God for wonderful neighbours.gave me some chance to take a good rest.cos the 'kong qi' there also not very good.wat with pple constantly smoking...plus i've a super sensitive nose...
it's like mandia being able to smell durian from a far distance,i can smell cigarette from far.it's irritating...so here i am,home,resting.i sure do hope this flu gets lost.i wanna enjoy my late nights again!!haha..the many dvds waiting for me...they're calling out to me..can u hear??haha..

Jojojoanna is just simply gorgeous 7:12 AM

The Laydee

jojojoanna is Daddy's Gal, God's Lil PrIncess, Mummy's Dearest...LOVABLE GAL!!
turning 21 sometime this month.


GOD!!my very 1st LOVE!!

chocolates!!esp dark ones!!and ferror rocher and anything with nuts
iCE cream!!esp Mac's!!i dunno why.they're just delicious!haha..to me.
PINK and Dark PURPLE!!...
to become PRETTIER
to find her PRINCE CHARMING..erHEm..
to remain young..muahah..who dun eh?

Taking Photos!!


have u said ur prayer?
It's almost over!!!
Thank You!!
haha...after posting tt blog abt how life is fragi...
i'm sorry if these past few posts dun sound nice.....


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